our mission

We simply want to be the club of choice for people of all ages and abilities. Through high quality instruction, coaching and mentoring, we will engage and empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential.

You will learn self defence in a safe, inviting and encouraging training environment. You will become healthier, fitter and stronger. Life Skills will be taught to your children to enable them to thrive, to grow and be successful in a world that demands people to not just be the same, but to be better.

Martial Arts training will give your children confidence, self esteem and the ability to make the right decisions when faced with fear and adversity. 

SAKURA KARATE CLUB is proud to deliver quality martial art programs to anyone who wants to learn karate the correct way. The way it should be taught – by qualified, dedicated, experienced and caring instructors who are proud of what they do.

We make a difference to peoples lives through MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING, because we make people better!

Sensei Jason Nichols


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