programs For All Ages & Fitness Levels

Our Programs are world class offering all students the opportunity to strive for their best. Our Classes are conducted 6 days per week, with beginner classes available for ages 5 years and up. We also run a fantastic Karate Active Play program for 3 and 4 years olds.

Studying Karate has real benefits:

  • Increases significantly your Confidence, Belief and Self Esteem
  • Develops a Healthy Mind and Body
  • Develops your Determination and Perseverance
  • Instills Self Discipline
  • Develops Personal Defence Skills for you and your children
  • Increases your Flexibility and overall Fitness
  • Reinforces a Positive Attitude and Spirit
  • Creates Opportunity to meet new Friends
karate active play 3 & 4 years

Karate Active Play is about giving our 3 and 4 year kids a fantastic way of learning an activity that will keep them engaged, have lots of fun and keep them active whilst doing karate. Karate Active Play involves skills and games in a friendly, nurturing environment. It really is a fun filled class.



  • improves concentration, behaviour and confidence
  • fosters a positive attitude
  • coordination, balance and agility are improved
  • develops key listening skills
  • improves health
  • sociable – kids make new friends, friends for life through karate training

kids karate 5-8 years

Our Dragons program is specially designed to engage and inspire 5 to 8 year olds. We use karate based drills in a game sense environment, along with basic karate techniques to develop their movement, agility and coordination. We also teach kids age-appropriate self-defence skills, such as the awareness, alertness and stranger danger concepts.

Karate is not just about blocking and kicking. We teach important life skills such as discipline, respect, communication and resilience to name a few. These skills are the building blocks for your child to succeed and develop into becoming a successful person.


• improves concentration, self-control and confidence
• fosters teamwork and positive attitude
• coordination, balance and agility
• develops a strong healthy mind and body
• improves goal setting and achievement
• sociable – make new friends, friends for life through karate training


Monday through Thursday – 430pm to 500pm

Saturdays – 930am to 1015am

Junior/young Teens karate 9-14 years

Our Junior/Young Teens program is specially designed to engage and empower 9 to 14 year olds to be the best they can be. Our teaching and coaching methods are fun, effective and add value to your child’s development. As our students get better, further challenges are put in front of them. 

 Discipline in karate is followed at Sakura. Students must abide by the ethics and traditions of karate, these are of the utmost of importance. Learning karate is a state of mind. Not everyone can do what you do in karate. It takes a special type of person to successfully manage the path laid in front of them when undertaking karate. It’s this focus, discipline, determination and a willingness to succeed that will get you to this point. This is karate. This is the journey.



  • improves concentration, self-control and confidence
  • fosters teamwork and positive attitude
  • coordination, balance and agility
  • develops a strong healthy mind and body
  • improves goal setting and achievement
  • sociable – make new friends, friends for life through karate training


  • blocking, striking, kicking and stances
  • kata (patterns of movement)
  • personal self-defence skills 
  • techniques to increase power, accuracy and speed (shukokai)
  • sparring (kumite) in a controlled and safe environment
  • game sense drills to encourage belief, leadership and concentration


The Warrior Black Belt path is around 4 to 5 years training. You will develop physically and mentally.  This dedication and discipline sets you apart from what most others will not achieve.


Mondays and Wednesdays – 500pm to 545pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 600pm to 645pm

Adults/TEENS karate 15 years & Over

We offer training that is targeted to your age and physical condition. For 15 years of age and over, you will train with like-minded students at your level, at your pace, in your own time which gives you peace of mind when beginning karate for the very first time. 

Through constant and regular training you will see improvements in your mental and physical health. Your body and mind will become stronger. People take up karate for many reasons, whether it be for fitness, self defence, make new friends or set targets and goals to achieve a black belt. Whatever your reason, Sakura will help you achieve those goals.



  • learn self defence skills
  • improve your overall fitness
  • see increases in speed and agility
  • improve strength and power through conditioning and toning
  • balance and flexibility will be improved
  • challenging your body, challenge your mind
  • increase confidence, self belief and self esteem – become a better version of you
  • develops character, resilience and a never give up attitude


  • blocking, striking, kicking and stances
  • kata (patterns of movement)
  • personal self-defence skills 
  • techniques to increase power, accuracy and speed (shukokai)
  • sparring (kumite) in a controlled and safe environment
  • drills to encourage belief, leadership and concentration
  • combination drills
  • impact training
  • Jujitsu
  • weapons


The Adult Black Belt path is around 4 to 5 years training.  If you do make it, you’re a special kind of person, as not many do. Being a black belt requires dedication, discipline and hard work. Do you have what it takes? 


Mondays – 700pm to  800pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 745pm to 845pm

Saturdays – 1115am to 1215pm


If you’re not sure this is the right fit, that’s ok…  We can arrange for you to have a private lesson one on one or with Sensei Jason . You can call him on 0488 132 192 to arrange.

Karate helps with Weight Loss

You will manage your weight, get leaner and feel healthier when you start karate at Sakura. The fitness benefits of Karate are well known.

What are you waiting for?

Karate builds a healthy heart and body

Karate is great for your health and fitness. Karate training conditions your body and keeps it healthy.

Karate builds Strength & speed

Build your strength and speed at Sakura. Our karate programs deliver on what they promise – a better version of you.

Join us today!


karate develops life skills

Undertaking karate develops life skills. It strengthens your character, it builds your resilience, it boosts your self esteem and strengthens your mind.


Karate boosts your confidence

Start karate at Sakura and watch your confidence skyrocket. This is the beauty of starting martial arts. It empowers you and gives you the skills to thrive in today’s hectic world.

Be confident, be self assured!


Karate is fun

Karate is a fun activity for all ages. It’s a great way to meet new people who will become great friends. Our classes are FUN FILLED and will SKYROCKET your confidence.


“Great environment to train and to learn traditional Japanese Karate from knowledgeable and supportive instructors who care about helping each student achieve their potential. With classes for both kids and adults for all ability levels, it’s a club that caters for everyone.”

Belinda Jones

“Great club with a fantastic instructor. Highly recommend to anyone in the Bayswater area looking for a martial arts school – you can’t go past Sakura Karate Club”

Andrew Grace

“I have enjoyed every minute of training with Sensei Jason and the other instructors. sakura has a very accessible timetable. All the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are very supportive during class. They welcome new students and friendships have been formed in a very short time. I would happily recommend Sakura Karate Club to anyone that wants to learn martial arts. Thank you to Sensei Jason and all the other instructors”

Peta Goulden

What type of karate does Sakura do?

We practice the Japanese art of Shukokai, which translated means – “Way for All”. It is a dynamic martial art globally known for its Power, Speed, Accuracy and Tremendous Impact. It is one of the most popular martial art systems in the world.

what do I wear to the first class?

You can wear something light and loose fitting such as tracksuit pants and a t shirt. Remember, you will be given a uniform to wear once you join us – Your uniform is FREE.

Do you offer any family discounts?

We do offer family discounts and this is attractive to our numerous members who have one or more family members training with us.

are there any contracts to sign?

You are not locked into a contract, however, there is a minimum 3 month term upon enrollment. This gives you the opportunity to really understand what karate is all about, the commitment required to excel and also gives you this time to prepare for your first grading. We do give you a membership form to complete and a debit form to complete so your installments can be debited from a nominated account.

How big are your class sizes?

Our average class sizes for our Kids and Juniors ranges between 10 and 15 per class. For our Teens and Adults, similar numbers increasing to 18 dependent on any given night for training. Sakura believes in smaller class sizes to maximise learning and outcomes.

Are Sakura instructors suitably qualified?

 We have a duty of care to ensure the safety and well being of our students. Our Instructor Team are all very experienced instructors, have the required Level 1 OR Level 2 NCAS Government Coaching certificate as a karate coach, they are first aid trained and hold Working with Children checks. Collectively, our Leadership Team of Instructors (5) have approximately 100 years of training and teaching experience. 

do you offer any other activities?

We offer many programs at Sakura, not just karate. We offer Fitness classes, Jiu Jitsu classes, Weapons and Spartans training. We also offer our holiday programs for kids and juniors full of fun, games and other activities.

what are your ongoing costs?

On going costs include your monthly or term installments (training fees), an annual affiliation fee (due July each year) which covers memberships and insurances. The only other cost is your grading fee when you attempt your next level belt.

when do you begin Sparring?

No sparring for our Kids until they move into the Junior program. Our Junior, Teens and Adults begin sparring at yellow belt level.

Do you offer weapons?

Yes we do – Kali sticks, Bo Staff and Nunchuka are some of the weapons we teach at Sakura.

do you offer women self defence classes?

Throughout the year we offer Womens Only Self Defence Programs. These are scheduled usually in a 4 week block and are very popular for both members and non members.