Sakura Karate Club – KOBE OSAKA is one of the premier Karate clubs in Melbourne producing strong, well connected and grounded students through the training of martial arts. We love what we do and we are passionate about making a difference as soon as you walk through our door to begin training with us.

What you expect is what we deliver. We blend the right training with the right programs, tailored specifically for you.

Trust our experience and expertise

Proudly setting the standard higher

Commitment is just the beginning

Sakura - 'We Make People Better'!

Goal Setting

Our programs are widely recognised as some of the best on offer, because we work with you individually to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Instruction & Coaching

Be guided by some of the most experienced instructors in the industry. We will motivate you to become better, because that is simply what we do.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart

Martial Arts training delivers fantastic health benefits for your mind, body and soul.

It is proven to develop your fitness, strength, flexibility, core, resilience, focus and much more.

Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to take the challenge? Are you ready to do what most people don’t?

Are you ready to achieve your Black Belt!

About Our Dojo

We are located in Bayswater North (6/96 Canterbury Road) on the corner of Burgess Road in Melbourne, Australia. Sakura is a full time, professional martial arts club headed by Chief Instructor, Sensei Jason Nichols.

The style of Karate taught at Sakura is the well known style of Shukokai – which is renowned for its Speed, Power, Accuracy, Focus and Tremendous Impact.

Sakura Karate Club caters for all ages from 5 years and up and has classes for beginners Monday through Saturday.

We are proud members of the Australian Karate Federation, Karate Victoria and Kobe Osaka International which is headed by Shihan Tommy Morris 8th Dan Shitoryu.

What are your class sizes?

Our class sizes vary anywhere from 10 to 18 students per class in any given program. We always have 2 instructors for ALL our kids/junior programs to ensure new and experienced students are getting all of our attention.

How much does it cost after the joining offer?

The cost depends on the membership you choose. We offer two classes per week to unlimited training membership (Kids, Junior and Adult classes). Classes can be from as little as $8 per class on our most popular membership (unlimited training).

Can I move and change classes if i want too?

Yes, you can change the days you train, but children cannot interchange between classes as they are split into ages and belt levels.

What times are the classes?

Classes run 6 days a week from 430pm to 900pm Monday to Thursday, 430pm to 600pm on a Friday and 900am to 1230pm on Saturday. We also offer a school holiday program which includes alternative training, fitness classes, parent and child training and games day.

Do children have to spar in class?

Children are not allowed to spar until they get to yellow belt level and have trained for a minimum of 9 months. We do not assess/grade students for sparring until they achieve blue belt level.

Your safety is our number one priority in the dojo and students are required to wear full protective gear including headgear, mouth guards, hand mitts, groin guards and girls aged 12 and above will be required to wear chest guards.

Does Sakura offer Family discounts?

Yes we do. We offer discounts for 2nd, 3rd and 4th family members.

Are there any other costs apart from training fees?

The only other costs incurred is our Annual Affiliation Fee (payable for affiliations and professional membership). The student pays a ‘Grading’ fee each time they wish to attempt their new belt level.

We do not charge a joining fee.

About Sensei Jason

Sensei Jason Nichols holds a 5th Dan Blackbelt in Shukokai Karate. He has been training in karate since 1984 and started Sakura Karate Club as a full time, professional school in 2010. He has been graded by Shihan Tommy Morris (President Kobe Osaka International) since 1987. He is also trained in the traditional martial art of Jui-Jitsu.

He holds Level 2 Silver NCAS Coaching, Senior First Aid and Working With Children Accreditations. He is also the Covid Safety Marshall at Sakura Karate Club. He is a former Karate Victoria State Kata Coach and currently holds National Qualifications as Referee/Judge ‘A’ in both Kumite and Kata for the Australian Karate Federation. He is a current Member of the Victorian Referee Commission.

He travelled extensively overseas competing in 4 Kobe Osaka World Cups placing 4th in Manila 2004, 3rd in Bulgaria 2007 and 2nd in Malaysia 2009 in Men’s Kata Competition. He was a member of the Victorian Karate Team in 2003.

Sensei Jason is the Chief Instructor of Sakura Karate Club.

About Sensei Laura

Sensei Laura is Sakura’s Senior Instructor with 30 years experience in Martial Arts. Holding a 4th Dan in Shukokai (graded by Sensei Tommy Morris of Kobe Osaka International), she is a wonderful instructor and a fantastic role model for all students. She holds Level 1 Coaching and Senior First Aid qualifications.

Sensei Laura competed in a number of Kobe Osaka World cups overseas in Germany, Malaysia and Manila in Women’s Kata.

Apart from her Karate, she loves to keep fit and healthy. She is a secondary School Teacher by profession.

Structured Karate Classes

We offer every student who joins us the opportunity to train in classes that are structured for their level and ability, whether that is for the new beginner or the experienced student about to attempt their Blackbelt and beyond.

Classes are split into Programs catering for Kids (5 to 8 years), Juniors (9 to 14 years) and our Teens/Adults (15 years +). We also offer Women’s Only Karate, Self Defence, Traditional Jui-Jitsu and Specialist Fitness classes to cater for everyone’s needs and requirements.

To find our more simply call Sensei Jason on 0488 132 192 to book in for your 2 FREE Trial Classes.

Safe Training Facilities

Sakura Karate Club’s dojo is fully matted which provides safety for all students. We use safety equipment, specially designed for martial arts training, this also includes safety sparring gear including headguards, gloves, mouthguards and shinguards. We have a kitchen area, including Male and Female bathroom facilities, plus changerooms for our students.

Upstairs is the viewing area for parents so they can watch their children in class. Our facility is Covid Safe Compliant with QR Check In, Covid Trained Instructors, Sanitising Stations and Density Limits all enforced and followed. Sakura also has a Covid Safe Management Plan implemented.

The dojo routinely updates its Covid Safe Plan in line with State Government requirments.

Qualified Instructors

We take pride in knowing that you are receiving the very best in Instruction and Coaching with our team being suitably qualified. Our Instructors hold current Level 1 and Level 2 NCAS Coaching Accreditation, Working With Children and Senior First Aid qualifications. Sakura Karate Club are proud members of the Australian Karate Federation, Karate Victoria and Kobe Osaka International.

These affiliations allow our students and instructors to participate in Local, National and International events, attend Coaching Seminars and Refereeing Courses. Be assured every Instructor at Sakura cares about your well being, your progress and your journey when training.

At Sakura – ‘We Make People Better!’

We have been attending Sakura Karate now for some time and our boys love it. Jason is so good with the kids and their skills seem to get better with each session.

It is fun and a very welcoming club. Thank you jason, my boys love coming to karate and always tell everyone how much they enjoy it.


Laura Eskici

Fantastic inclusive club for both adults and kids. We were recommended to Sakura 2 years ago and it has been and continues to be an incredibly positive journey of self development in so many ways.

Jason is an amazing instructor with both adults and kids of any age. Highly recommend.


Nadya Underwood

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