Welcome to Sakura Karate Club – Kobe Osaka, thank you for stopping by and checking out our page and what we have to offer. Starting Martial Arts at Sakura you are assured of receiving the latest and most current training methods, blended with the traditional values of karate. We offer quality training and programs, variety and flexibilty with our classes and a fee structure to suit all your budget needs. This is packaged and delivered by experienced, qualified instructors in a safe, purpose built training environment. 

Train where everyone meets, has fun and makes new friends. Whether you join for Fitness, Self Defence, Self Development or just to be a better version of yourself, Sakura Karate Club is the place to be.

We have programs that will challenge and inspire you. Join the club of choice. Let us be your mentor, let us be your trusted coach. Let us make you better.

Kinder Kids Classes - Age 4 Years

We offer Kinder Kids Classes (on demand) on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon beginning at 4pm. Classes run for 30 minutes and are lots of fun and prepares them for the next level program beginning at 5 years of age.

Kids Classes - Age 5 to 8 Years

We offer classes for Kids in this age group 5 classes a week – Monday through Thursday and Saturday mornings. It is a fantastic program aimed at developing children’s confidence and self esteem. Your children will love our classes and have lots of fun. Watch their confidence skyrocket!

Junior Classes - 9 to 14 years

Classes are offered 6 days a week at Sakura for our Junior students. Monday through Saturday, so you will always have an opportunity to train whatever day of the week. Have your child train in a safe and encouraging environment.

Teens & Adults Classes - 15 Years +

Teens and Adults can train up to 6 days a week. Monday through Saturday. There is no excuse when we offer so many opportunities to train. Take advantage of our fantastic Starter Offer, you won’t be disappointed and so glad that you have started with us, like so many have done before you.

what They’re Saying about Sakura

Client Testimonials

The benefits and positive, personal growth for Jack in the three terms since Joining Sakura Karate has been truly wonderful for us as a family.

In the very short time since I joined I already love and so look forward to my training sessions. I am starting to see and feel some of the benefits of karate.

Sakura karate Club has beautiful, positive and inclusive teachers and students, both adult and children… that is a direct testimony to the amazing instructor.

The level of care, your patience, knowledge and skill set you teach/share with us students is in my view, second to none.

I am very proud to be a part of the Sakura family and happy to promote the club (and will continue to do so) to others. It’s a wonderful space to be in and Jack and I are certainly committed to SAKURA for the long haul.

Thank You


Our daughter is so excited about moving up to the next program, we really do appreciate all the time and effort you put in. Her confidence and ability to stick up for herself have only grown because of Sakura Karate and clearly you as her instructor. She will learn even more. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given our daughter.


A very enthusiastic and informative instructor, effectively teaching essential self defence and life skills to an array of different ages.

Professional, dedicated and really manages to combine a balance between the children’s enjoyment and the structure and discipline required to effectively learn martial arts.

Our child really loves her time spent at karate. A huge credit to Sensei Jason Nichols. The dojo is fantastic.


Did you know our classes are offered up to 6 days a week for Adults and 5 days a week for our Kids and Juniors. If you are looking for flexibility, you do not need to look any further than Sakura Karate Club – Kobe Osaka. We are the dojo for you and your children.

At Sakura, we teach a traditional form of Japanese Karate called Shitoryu/Shukokai and our aim is to develop your confidence, awareness, resilience and the will to never give up.

Through your training at our dojo you will have access to great instructors and coaches whose priority is to challenge you, get you mentally and physically healthy and provide a platform for you to be the best you can be. 

Beginners train at their own pace, there is no expectation. We will encourage, educate and develop a unique set of skills that will equip you and your child for today’s demanding and intense world.

We offer opportunities to train and compete locally, nationally and internationally and this is due to our memberships with:



Whether you’re enquiring about your child or like the idea of starting karate for yourself, get in contact with us and we will help you through any questions you may have. It’s easy to do, complete the form below or simply call us on 0488 132 192 and talk with Sensei Jason. 

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