Sakura Karate Club – KOBE OSAKA teaches one of the hardest hitting styles of Martial Arts in the world – Shukokai Karate, literally meaning “Way For All”

Developed by Tani sensei in Kobe, Japan in 1949 it is renowned for its Speed, Power, Accuracy, Focus and Tremendous Impact.


Tani Sensei

Tani Sensei developed Shukokai Karate after studying Shitoryu with Mabuni Sensei and earlier Gojuryu Karate.

Tani Sensei developed the famous “Double Hip” twist which gives Shukokai the edge in delivering powerful, yet extremely fast technique.


Kimura Sensei

Kimura Sensei was Tani Sensei’s most Senior Student and when he retired, handed over the reigns and overall running of the style to Kimura Sensei.

He further developed Shukokai by incorporating the study of body mechanics to further enhance the style to make it more effective, more combative and more complete.


Sensei Tommy Morris

Sensei Tommy Morris was Scotlands first ever Black Belt and studied Shukokai in Japan with both Tani Sensei and Kimura Sensei.

He later went on to register Scotland’s first ever Professional Karate School in the 1960’s.

He is now President of Kobe Osaka International which has affiliates in over 40 countries primarily studying Shukokai/Shitoryu Karate.


Shukokai Karate

If you want to study a style of karate that provides power, strength and impact, combined with the qualities of grace, rythym, accuracy and timing, then Shukokai Karate is the ultimate martial art.

Sensei Tommy Morris

Sensei Tommy Morris

Koby Osaka International

Sakura Karate Club is proud to be members of Kobe Osaka International headed by Sensei Tommy Morris. Sensei Tommy visits Australia each year to check on the progress of our students to ensure we maintain the highest of standards.


Great school with competent instructors. Teaching traditional Japanese karate. Great school to teach children. Highly recommmend.


Keith Thompson

We were recommended to Sakura Karate nearly 7 years ago and the journey has been memorable. Our kids have grown in confidence, learnt respect and discipline in a safe and fun environment and made some really close friends.

Extremely dedicated instructors who are committed to helping all students and giving honest feedback. As we make our way through Covid restrictions, the online zoom classes have provided some normality in hard times.

Would definately recommend Sakura Karate Club for kids and adults whether just starting out or looking for a change.


Jason Zammit

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