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Sakura - 'We Make People Better'!


Kids Karate

The perfect blend of fitness, self defence and tradition. Tools to give your children the best chance to protect themselves.

Life skills to set your child up for success! All kids classes taught in a safe, encouraging and motivating environment.


Junior Karate

Our Junior program instills resilience, focus and a determination to succeed for whatever challenges they may face in the dojo, at school or in life.

A perfect blend of traditional karate, mixed with self defence and modern day coaching methods to accelerate and develop the skills needed to thrive.


Teen & Adult Karate

Whatever your reason for taking karate, you have found the dojo for those reasons. Traditional Japanese Karate, Fitness, Jui-Jitsu and much, much more are all taught in a safe environment by exceptional instructors and coaches.

Sakura – ‘We Make People Better’!


Sport Karate

Sport Karate is specifically taught in our dojo for those students interested in becoming athletes for Competition or just wanting to improve their sport karate skills.

Disciplines such as Kumite (Sparring) and Kata (Forms) are practiced.


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Kids Karate (5-8 yrs)

Specifically designed for our 5 to 8 year old, this is a program that develops key life skills at the earliest of ages. Development of gross motor skills, confidence, self esteem and much more giving your children the tools to surpass development expectations. Watch your child grow and their confidence sky rocket in this program.

Junior Karate (9-14 yrs)

This program is so popular, we split it into 2 levels – Beginners/Novice and Intermediates/Advanced. Specific karate skills are taught including how to defend yourself in a variety of situations, how to use restraint, situational awareness, anti-bullying management and a variety of life skills to develop confidence in your children.

Your children will not look back after starting in this program. We are dedicated to your child’s success – it starts here.

Teen & Adult Karate (15 yrs +)

What does it take to become a Black Belt? What does it take to do what so many won’t do? It takes dedication, self motivation, hard work, drive, desire and a dertmination to never give up. Develop a resilience you never thought you had. This is what we will teach and develop in this program. Traditional Japanese Karate – This is Shukokai Karate!

Self Defence Class

Self Defence is one of the pillars of our club and training. We run a specialist Self Defence classes from time to time, but include self defence skills and learning in all our classes. Self Defence training as a core syllabus requirement for all our programs programs.

Specialist Classes

These include Jui-Jitsu, Weapons, Guest Instructors from other styles and much more. They are open to Junior programs and over and are a great way to diversify your training at Sakura Karate Club. We also offer School Holiday programs which are free to all members and included in the normal membership.

Sport Karate

Sport Karate is a fantastic way of testing your skills against other students in the dojo and also at competition against students from other styles. We offer students the opportunity to join our Kumite and Kata Squads on the Monday and Friday night at our sister club in Blackburn.

Fitness Conditioning

All our programs include a heavy fitness component as fitness in karate is extremely important for development and growth.

Sakura 'You Tube' Channel

The club offers Online Content to all of our members via our very own You Tube Channel. It is a seamless transition with all aspects of our syllabus offered online using this platform. This includes all Blocks, Punches, Strikes, Kicks, Stances, Kata, Combinations, Self Defence and Fitness. No added cost to our members and it is the least we can do.

Can’t get to class, no problems! Our Online You Tube Channel gives our members access to our online video library featuring the syllabus by program, by belt, access it anytime and start training. Subscribe today!

Sakura Karate Club Kobe Osaka


Great karate club headed by an exceptional karate instructor. If you are in the Bayswater and surrounding areas, you can’t go past Sakura Karate Club.

Highly recommended for all ages.


Sensei Andrew Grace

Founder Peninsula Karate

Sakura Karate Club is a great place to learn martial Arts. Structured tuition for all ages.

Sensei Jason and his team are both professional and knowledgable.

Sensei Marco Mazzanti

Founder Kimekai Karate

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